My creative practice is primarily comprised of silence and attentiveness. I devote the majority of my time to observation; giving attention to the landscape of my daily commute, qualities and routines of people around me, the texture of each season’s light, events and small moments in my home. When I am filled from this slow accumulation, I am moved to create—my work, then, teeming with these specific moments, conclusions, sights, and questions. 

    In my current practice, my pieces seek to embody matters of time and belonging. I am interested in the places where the two meet; places where the movement of time ushers in a sense, or an absence, of belonging. And, I am particularly intrigued by the role repetition plays in their coming together. I see this echoed inherently in the repetitive acts that make up my work. My hands move in familiar rhythms to create accumulations of woven, knit, and sewn lines. My work, while addressing the matters of time and belonging, then also becomes palpable evidence of their presence in my life.